A Broken Code - "My Inspiration"


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The song's creation was sparked by the speeches and action of people like Martin Luther King Jr.


My Inspiration

Verse 1
I'm inspired by the one's who make a difference inna this life
Knowing it is right so they would neva think it twice
To reach out to the people who need the most relief
Give whole hearted and they don't worry about receive
Eat, sleep and breathe this ideal
You can't be the best human being, then why be
Find me, in the same mind frame,
so many things that i'll change
Through this music you use to release & lose it
I'll motivate a revolution, get up and do!
It's amazing the impatience to change things
When it's up in the face & scrapping away at our pride
Something gotta be done, here comes to one to take it live
To a cause greater than himself , a sacrifice
Through the fire, crucified, took that burden high
Who decides to move thew bids that hold the mind confined
Are the kind that I fing I'm most influenced by

Lion heart ones, fire brand souls
Eyes like two suns, with the potential to explode
Festering passion, for drastic reform
Scars from their battles, withstanding the odds
Here they come!

Verse 2:
It's a matter of dignity, cant let this happen
Right here in front of me, and not do a damn thing
Nah, that is not me, i'm not the type to just watch this
Turn to them for strength, to stop this
Cause what they did made so many, so happy
And as a kid I wanted to be like them so badly
Through their words, through their action, revolutionary
Respect for all life, for me and for you to carry
So when we see each others rights being violated
Step in with conviction, to annihilation it
Never again a Katrina Responce, never again a holoucaust
Freedom or forefathers fought
Let's pass to our daughters, pass to our sons,
Teach them to draw some inspiration from...



released August 1, 2009
Mansa G.-bass



all rights reserved


AFROPUNK New York, New York

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