Bastard Seed


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released May 12, 2009



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AFROPUNK New York, New York

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Track Name: Bastard Seed - "Devils Playground"
Devils Playground

Wham bam, thank you ma’am, that's all part of the plan
Here's a towel for your troubles
Now take this seed off my hand
Throw it out and hope it grows
And how this ends baby, no one knows
Now I'm out and you'll see me if I need you
I'll come by just to fuck you if I need to
I'm all you could hope he will ever be
But I thank the devil for the day he created me

You did you pushed me away
I've got nothing to say
You're in the devil's playground
Took my sincerity, you don't deserve it from me
Now tell me which one is greater
You did you pushed me away
I've got nothing to say, you're in the devils playground

It's not my fault that I'm hell bound, I'm heaven sent
It’s you who noticed me before I was irrelevant
I tried but you gave me no attention
Took your rejection and nailed it to perfection
So when you see me and got so much to say
Pardon my presence I don't know how to run away

Help me mama, I'm not used to this affection
Invisible, I'm not used to this attention
I can't help it when I'm thinking that he hates me
With all I got I see nothing that he gave me
Guess that's how you saved me by throwing me out
Cut me open and bleeding me out

Track Name: Bastard Seed - "Concrete Boots"
Concrete Boots

Now where we come from they didn't mess around
You ain't from here you best don't come around
Them little boys get nervous really quick
And since they can't, then never take no shit

You little ignoramus
They're gonna make you famous
Catch you walking through and put you in some concrete boots
Now there you go again, thinking you could really win
Not knowing them not really knowing when
Nine times out of ten, they won't lose
Have you pay your dues, anyway you choose

It's much too late for you to turn back now
Cause you're gonna have to face them any how
Boy you done got yourself in some real shit
It's kinda funny come to think of it

(Chorus 2x)